Open Date of start: 10.05.2016

We announce a VIP clients Promotion

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About FIXHash
  • The FIXHash company was founded in 2015.
  • We have been placed in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • We got 324 Asic Scrypt Miners A2 Terminator and we`re looking forward with the possibility of increasing the volume of production in the future.
Our services
  • Our contracts are lifelong.
  • Moneyback guarantee in 30 days.
  • The price of 1 KH/s ~0.00675 BTC (depends on mining difficulty).
  • The earnings per day for 0.0001012 BTC (depends on mining difficulty).
  • Payback period is ~66 days.
  • Power – 35 640 000 KH/s – 35 640 MH/s – 35.64 GH/s (SCRYPT).
  • We have approved the referral system. If your referrals will buy any KH/S, it gives you 5% of the profits of each of your referrer.
  • Support 24/7.
  • We support even bitcoin trading through automation; find out more.

PRICE OF 1 KH/S ~ 0.00675 BTC ~

0.0001012 BTC PER DAY, PROFIT.

How to start?

1. Create your account.  2. Log in.  3. Purchase power or use Referral Program.  4. Earn your profit!

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Recent news
We have just updated our site. All bonuses TOP 10 were credited to accounts As you know
FIXHASH was not available for 39 hours because of recovering after hack. Today we switched mining into fast mode  and rise it up x2 for every hour that we lost.
Thanks to every person from this 6 000 people who joined us in this month.
Stay tuned on our news. We are looking forward to present you a special promotion!
The system is completely restored after the hacker attack. Absolutely no losses.
The system works in the usual mode. We have installed 2 protection systems.
First month.
Dear customers!
Today is a special day for us. Its a FIXhash 1 month anniversary. Its was a tought period that revealed some problems,
but it was also very important. Its clear for us that beta test doesnt proceed perfectly, but the we are proud on our victory in the end.
All of this is important. But most important for us is you. Our customers.
Every single person from this 10 000 people who joined us in this month is our favorite customer,
who deserves top quality service! Because of that meaning, we are looking forward to present you a special promotion!
Stay tuned on our news. We congradulate all of us!

The beta test is over!
The error with deposits is fixed, now all deposits can be enlisted into your account from a few seconds up to 8 hours.
Referral race is over and all winners received their prizes.
Since May 30, 2016 it would be impossible to buy  1 KH/s, the power will now be sold in packs of 10 KH/s.
Since May 30, 2016 we will declare many pleasant actions and bonuses.
Since May 30, 2016 our website will begin to work at full load and without mistakes.

Join team here.

It was an awesome feast!
Few moments of celebrating of our website opening! Read more here.

“Quiet” promo is over.
Dear customers, as you can see, last 48 hours, mining was working in x30 mode. We didn’t notice this promotion to avoid a lot of people who have registered only on the promotion period. Congratulations to all who was be able to participate! The beta test is going on, we still have a lot of gifts and promotions for the period of the test. Keep for updates.

Restoration of the site and accounts.
Its a big unpleasantness, but we are ready to restore the power to everyone who has made a deposit. To restore your power back you should … More here.

We have started! Congratulations to all users! In honor of the start of our project, we launched a referral race, more here.

Our team is announcing big FIXhash giveaway. We are offering cups, pens and T-shirts with our logo for everyone, who helped us with beta test, depending on the degree of assistance. Also you can get all those goods absolutely free by gaining a certain amount of power of our cloud mining service. Learn more…

Beta test starts.
Greetings! We are proud to announce beta test of our cloud mining service, that will start on 15th of may 2016. It will take 2 weeks. For all users, who will help us during the beta test we have prepared remuneration. The bitcoin circuit krypto test is run to know the efficacy of the automated trading software. Crypto mining and trading have their own strategies.